Berry Cordial

posted by Deborah 09-22-100 10:24 PM

Berry Cordial

2 cups sugar
2 pints ripe berries
1 quart vodka

Six Weeks to Two Months Ahead: Combine, cover well, and store in a cool dark place. Stir each week. Strain after the time alloted. It is important that you take your time and do this well so that you have a cordial of lovely color.

Pour the mix into a bowl lined with a large piece of doubled wet cotton cheesecloth first. Then tie up the edges and let it hang over a bowl with the cheesecloth hanging on the faucet.When it's done dripping on it's own, gently press the remaining fluid out of the berries. Then use a coffee filter, I use a gold filter, and pour the cordial through the filter. This is a slow process, but worth the time. Then place in decorative bottles, and cover tightly.

To make a cranberry cordial, increase the sugar to three cups.

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