Blackberry Cordial

posted by Marlen 08-26-100 3:54 PM

Blackberry Cordial

16 cups fresh blackberries
6 cups granulated sugar
4 cups 100 proof vodka

Place the berries in a gallon glass jar. Pour in the sugar and vodka and stir well. Add water until mix tops the jar. Stir gently a few times until sugar dissolves. Cover and allow to stand in a cool, dark place for 6 weeks.

Strain and filter. This is the most time-consuming part but it is important for a beautiful jewel-like liqueur. First, strain through a regular kitchen strainer to remove the solids. Then pass through a cheesecloth. Next, filter through cheesecloth again. Finally, filter through coffee filter paper. This will take the longest amount of time, but will be hastened if you used the previous filtration methods. Be patient and let it drip. It will take over a full day to filter all of this.

Pour final product into bottles or decanters.

Yield: 2 - 3 quarts. It will last indefinitely.

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