Candied Pineapple

posted by mindy 10-16-98 1:20 PM

Candied Pineapple, or any firm fruit- 500 grams fruit
1 litre water
500g sugar
1 ml cream of tartare

Wash the fruit prick and soak in a slaked lime solution (25ml slaked lime per 5 litres of water) makes the fruit crisp. The following day drain and rinse the fruit well. Stew the fruit in the 1 litre boiling water until it is just tender.

Strain the stewing water and use 750ml with the 500 grams sugar to prepare the syrup. Add the cream of tartar. Bring the syrup to the boil and gradually add the fruit to the boiling syrup.

Boil for 30 minutes.Leave in the syrup until the following day. Remove the fruit from the syrup, cring the syrup to the boil and then replace the fruit. Boil again for 30 minutes Repeat this process 5-6 days. until the fruit is completely saturated with the syrup. Drain and leave on a wire rack for a few days to dry. Turn frequently so that the fruit can dry on all sides.

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