Cherry: Cherry Coke Jell-O

posted by Jennifer P 05-07-103 2:41 PM

Cherry Coke Jell-O
servings | 9
estimated POINTS per serving | 1

1 Lg (or 2 Sm) Boxes of Sugar Free Cherry Jell-O
1 1/3 c Boiling Water
1 can (20oz) Light Cherry Pie Filling
1 can Diet Cherry Coke

Dissolve Jell-O in boiling water. Add Coke and mix well. Add Pie Filling, stir well, and place in refrigerator until Jell-O sets up.
If a 9X9 square pan is used, and Jell-O is cut into 3X3 squares you will have 9 servings at 1 point each.

Special Notes: I've found that if you let the jello sit for a while to cool off a little after being dissolved in the water before adding the Diet Cherry Coke, there is less fizz than if you add it right after the Jell-O is dissolved. The taste is the same, but it looks a little prettier.

Nutrition Info for entire pan:
Total Calories: 500 (Jello-80, Filling-420)
Total Fat: 0
Total Fiber: 7 (Filling-7)
Total Points: 9

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