Fruity Pasta Salad

posted by Angel 07-17-100 3:36 AM

Fruity Pasta Salad

2 cups (8 oz.) uncooked macaroni
2 cups pineapple cubes, unsweetened or fresh
1 cup fresh seedless grapes
1 cup sliced bananas
1 pkg. Sweet 'N Low
1 cup fresh orange sections
2 cups apples, sliced or diced with skins
1 cup Mandarin oranges, unsweetened
8 oz. plain unsweetened yogurt
1/4 tsp. nutmeg

Cook macaroni and drain; cool (rinse with cold water to cool quickly); drain well.

Combine fruit in large mixing bowl; set aside.

Stir nutmeg into yogurt and add to cooled macaroni. Stir and serve.

Forty calories per 1/2 cup; 1 fruit exchange.

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