Heavenly Homemade Wine Coolers

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Heavenly Homemade Wine Coolers
Recipe By :Midwest Living Magazine
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Amount Measure Ingredient -- Preparation Method
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2 Cups Villa Milan Vidal wine -- chilled or 2 Cups any dry white wine -- chilled
2 Cups Schweppes ginger ale -- chilled or 2 Cups other ginger ale -- chilled
Frozen peach slices or Cantaloupe balls or honeydew balls or grapes

In each of 4 glasses, pour 1/2 cup wine and 1/2 cup ginger ale.
Top with frozen peach slices, cantaloupe or honeydew balls or grapes.

Makes 4 servings.

Notes : John and Dot Garrett of Villa Milan winery in Milan, Indiana, created this refreshing drink. The frozen fruit substitutes for ice cubes. As it thaws, the fruit adds flavor.

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