Chinese New Yew Marmalade

posted by Liz Thomas 10-12-100 9:55 PM

Chinese New Year Marmalade

Miniature oranges
Gin, Brandy or Whisky (optional)

Wash the oranges thoroughly and freeze them (this is not essential but it does make skinning them easier – it also means you can wait till you’re in a marmalade mood!)

Thaw the oranges – dropping them into a sink full of hot water does the trick quickly. Cut in half, slip off the skins and reserve them. Chop the flesh roughly (do this on a plate so that you can catch all the juice) and put all in heavy based pan – pith, pips – the lot.

Slice the skins – roughly or finely, whichever you can be bothered with – and put them in a pan. Just cover with cold water and bring to the boil. As soon as it boils strain them and reserve them again. Add water to the pulp so that it is covered by about one inch, bring to the boil and simmer slowly for about 1 hour, uncovered, mashing it down every now and then. Tip into a jelly bag and hang to drain overnight – don’t be tempted to squeeze it, the marmalade will turn out cloudy if you do.

Next day, measure the juice and note how many pints, and put into a big, heavy based pan. Weigh the skins and note how many pounds – add to the juice. Take the total of pints and pounds of juice and rind and measure an equal amount of pounds of granulated sugar. Add to the juice and skins.

Heat slowly till the sugar has completely dissolved, then boil rapidly till setting point is reached. As these little oranges are very high in pectin this happens quite quickly so test for set frequently – place a teaspoon or so on a chilled plate and put in the fridge for a minute or two. It is ready if a skin forms and it jells slightly. Take off the heat while you do this as it is only too easy to overcook.

If ready, take off the heat and leave to cool for about fine minutes. Stir in the liquor (if using) about a teaspoon per pint/pound, then pot in clean, dry, hot jars. Seal as usual.

Note: My booze preference for this marmalade is gin!

From: “Celebration City – Macau” Magazine January 1996 Copyright: Liz Thomas/Imagination Macau

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