Watermelon Pickles

posted by Beaston 06-08-98 7:10 PM

Cut off all the green and pink part of watermelon, then cut white rinds into small cubes (about 1 in. in size). Cover with hot water and parboil until it can be pierced with a fork but be careful not to let it get too soft.

For 20 cups of rind make this syrup:

7 cups sugar
2 c. vinegar
1/4 t. oil of cloves
1/2 t. oil of cinnamon.

When rind has been parboiled, drain off water. Bring syrup to boiling poing and pour over the rind. Let this stand overnight in kettle. Next morning do the same. Third morning heat both rind and syrup and seal in jars. Makes 5 pints.

Using the oils keeps the pickles clear and transparent.

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