Cake: Spider Cake

posted by yankeette 04-22-102 10:38 AM

Spider Cake
From the kitchen of: Phyllis Sparks, Belleville, Ontario, Canada

3 pkgs. double-cake mix
Chocolate icing
8 black pipe cleaners
Vanilla icing

Take two double-cake mixes and follow directions, but baking them in a large metal mixing bowl. Mix one double-cake mix as per directions and bake in a smaller mixing bowl. Spread chocolate icing over finished cakes and place them side by side. Bend black pipe cleaners to make 8 legs and use vanilla icing to make the eyes, and smarties for the pupils.

Serves how many: 25 to 30
Takes how long to make: 45 minutes
Kid-friendliness rating: 10
(1 to 10, where 1 = Won't eat it until after college and 10 = They beg you to make it every night)
Difficulty rating: 1
(1 to 10, where 1 = Practically boiling water and 10 = Takes years and Julia Child's help to perfect)
Comments: This recipe was a lot easier than I ever imagined. And it was a real surprise for my family and friends. They thought that I had bought it!

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