Christmas Mouse

posted by Mimi Hiller 12-23-98 4:43 PM

Okay, I know most of you are probably finished baking, planning, etc., for Christmas, but this is worthy of tucking away for the future. (And it will be archived after this!)

Take a maraschino cherry with a stem, and dip it in melted chocolate. Put it down on its side on waxed paper to set.

Take an unwrapped Hershey's Kiss and glue it with melted chocolate to the end opposite the stem, flat kiss bottom to bottom of cherry.

Using melted chocolate, dip the very tips of two separate halves of a peanut into the chocolate and put between the kiss and the cherry, for ears.

Add eyes and a nose with red frosting. Voila! A Christmas Mouse!

They really are cute, and would be a good Christmas project for kids.

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