Fruit and Yogurtcicles

posted by Michelle D 08-16-98 5:58 PM

Fruit and Yogurtsicles

3 small ripe bananas, cut into chunks
1 (6oz) can frozed orange juice concentrate
2 (8oz) cnotainers low-fat vanilla yogurt
8 (5oz) paper cups
8 popcicle sticks

In blender, combine bananas and OJ concentrate. Cover and blend until smooth. Add yogurt blend again until smooth. Pour into paper drinking cups, filling about 3/4 full.

Cover each cup with foil. Make small hole in center of foil; insert wooden stick through hole to the bottom of the cup. Freeze at least 6 hours or until firm. To serve, remove foil and gently push form bottom of cup to relaese pops.

This is a good for you as well as fun recipie and very easy clean up, just throw the cups away!

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