Holiday Tree

posted by Sue Freeman 12-01-98 1:51 AM

Southern Living
Holiday Tree

Marshmallows (large ones 16 oz)
6 (4 inch) sugar ice cream cones
1 16 oz can ready to spread cream cheese icing
12 (5 inch) coarsely crushed candy canes
12 (5 inch) coarsely crushed candy canes
Edible Glitter or sparkling sugar

Cut marshmallows in half and then each half in 4ths.

Spread cones with cream cheese frosting. Press marshmallows in rows around cone starting at bottom and overlapping the next row, adding more frosting as needed.

Insert candy into icing between marshmallows; lightly rub additional icing on marshmallow "leaves" Sprinkle with candy cane pieces and glitter.

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