Sandwich: Bob and Betty Bread

posted by yankeette 04-22-102 10:38 AM

Bob and Betty Bread

Who says all gingerbread men have to be made out of cookie dough? For this healthier version, cut a slice of whole-wheat bread with a gingerbread-man (or -woman) cookie cutter. (If your slice isn't large enough, cut the top half from one slice and the bottom from another, then arrange the crusts at the waistband.)

Your kids can dress up the folks with green-pea buttons and red- or yellow-pepper belts and shoes. Put on a happy face with corn-niblet eyes, a carrot nose and a red-pepper smile.

For a hat, use a quartered cherry tomato with a red-pepper brim. Or skip the hat altogether and go for a head of curly parsley hair.

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