Cypriot Halloumi Cheese

posted by Lisa UK 08-28-99 3:06 PM

Greek Cypriot Halloumi Cheese

8 pints fresh Milk, either goats or ewe or cow
1 Teaspoon Rennet or special cheese rennet
Little salt if desired
2-3 Muslin bags or similar

To fresh milk add rennet and leave till set (about 30 mins.)

Break up and place resulting mass into muslin in about two lots (this depends on the amount of milk used). Drain any whey from curds back into pan, leave to stand in muslin for about half an hour after which they will be firmer and in oval shape.

Meanwhile bring whey to the boil (any curds which form on the top may be gathered and used fresh (add sugar and cinnamon or placed in muslin and hung to dry to form a hard cheese suitable for grating onto pasta etc. Once milk has come to the boil, remove soft curds from muslin and place into boiling pan. Simmer gently until the cheese floats to the top, but certainly for approximately 20 mins.

Remove cheese, if liked, sprinkle with salt and fold in half with two or three mint leaves in the middle and place a weight on top. Leave in fridge for at leave 2 hours before use.

It may be stored in a jar with a small amount of the whey (keep cool).

The remaining whey may be used to boil spaghetti in, when cooked, cooked chicken may be added to form a soup, serve with bread (this is a typical Cypriot lunch, nothing is wasted)

This sounds a little bit complicated, but in fact it is quite easy to make. Nothing is wasted during the making of the cheese. The soft curds which form on the top to which sugar and cinnamon are added can be made into 'cakes'. Filo type pastry is filled with the mixture and then deep fried for a few moments, delicious!

Yield: 2-3 rounds of cheese.

Note: This cheese is great cubed and grilled as it doesn't melt. Also, you can cut a thick slice of it, heat a wee bit of olive oil in a pan, fry the cheese slice til golden on both sides and serve in a toasted sandwich with a drizzle of lemon.

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