**Greek Glossary**

posted by Lisa UK 01-21-100 5:22 PM


afelia - pork cooked in red wine and crushed coriander seeds
Arni - lamb
avgolemono soup - egg and lemon soup
baklava - fillo pastry with nuts and syrup
barbounie - red mullet
bourekia - small puff pastries with meat, cheese or cream cheese filling
daktyla - almond finger pastries, deep fried then served in syrup
elioti/eliopitta - olive bread with parsley
elies tsakistes - cracked green olives with coriander seeds, lemon and crushed garlic
fangri - sea bream
fasolia - haricot beans cooked in a casserole with onions, potatoes, olive oil and parsley
feta - salty white cheese usually crumbled on village salads
flaounes - Cypriot Easter cakes stuffed with cheese, sultanas and mint
glyko - preserved fruits in syrup
halloumi - firm goats or ewes milk cheese, often served grilled
hirino - pork
hiromeri - marinated, smoked and pressed ham
horiatiki salata - village salad of cos lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, onion, feta and fresh coriander
houmous - dip from soaked, crushed chick peas/garbanzo beans with garlic and lemon juice
kalamari - squid
kapari - pickled caper
karaoli yahni - snails in tomato sauce
keftedes - meat balls
kleftiko ofto - lamb or goat wrapped in foil with herbs and baked in a sealed oven
kolokotes - pastries stuffed with red pumpkin, raisins and pourgouri
kotopoulo - chicken
koupepia or dolmades - stuffed vine leaves
koupes - cigar shaped wheat cases with meat filling
Kourabiethes - a Wedding shortbread with almonds and powdered sugar
loukoumades - doughnuts in syrup
loukanika - Cyprus sausages , usually thin, made with pork, red wine and black pepper
lountza - smoked and marinated loin of pork
marida - whitebait
moungra - pickled cauliflower
moussakas - a pie made from layers of minced beef, spices and vegetables such as eggplant and potatoes with a cheese and white sauce topping
octapodi krasato - octapus in red wine
pitta - flat envelope of unleavened bread
pourgouri pilafi - pilaf of cracked wheat
psari - fish
psoumi - bread
ravioli - pastry stuffed with halloumi and mint
resi - wheat and lamb pilaf, served at weddings
sheftalia - minced lamb and herb (parsley and onion) rissole
souvla - an outdoor grill/barbecue
souvlakia - kebabs
stifado - rich beef and onion stew using red wine as the cooking liquid
tahini - sesame seed paste, used in houmous
taramosalata - dip made from smoked cods roe
trahanas - dry paste made from cracked wheat and yogurt which is cooked in chickebn broth to make a thick soup
tzantziki - yogurt, cucumber and mint dip
vodino - beef
yemista - baked stuffed vegetables with rice and minced beef
zalatina - brawn

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