Custard Cream

posted by ramon 03-27-99 5:10 AM

Ramons Custard Cream

1 liter milk
2 tbls. lemon or orange skin grating
1 tsp. cinnamon or vanilla
8 tbls. sugar
4-5 egg yolks

Boil milk with cinnamon, and the gratings. Apart mix the dry ingredients and the yolks. When milk has boiled, filter and add, after cooling a little to mix of egg yolks. Mix well and bring to heat till it simmers slowly, stirring all the while.

Keep it up until it thickens well, then put the pot in cold water, stirring till it cools enough not to form a skin. Then refrigerate. Add whichever fruits you prefer. Strawberries are wonderful!! Plums too.

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