Drying: Dehydrated Fruit

posted by Nalani 07-31-101 9:38 AM

Dehydrated Fruit

Bananas: Peel, slice lenghways and lay them cut side up on the dehydrator tray. If they are big bananas I sometimes cut them in half and sometimes I will quarter the lengthways ones. Depending on the weather it takes about 14 to 18 hours (we like them chewey not crisp). I can usually get 5 bananas on a tray.

Pineapples: Cut off top and bottom and cut off the rind. Leave the core in. Then slice as thin as you can (1/8 inch if you can) and lay on the trays. When I have about 1 1/2 to 2 inches of pineapple left I will cut that section in half and make half circles. Dehydrate 8 to 10 hours. There again we like them a bit chewey not crisp. I can do one whole pineapple in my 7 tray dehydrator.

I will keep testing them (by eating) when I think they should be done to see if they are or if they need to dehydrate longer.

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