Marmalade: Red Tomato Marmalade

posted by descher 03-12-101 1:08 PM

Red Tomato Marmalade

1 kg (2 lb) firm, ripe tomatoes, skinned, deseeded and coarsely chopped.
1 kg (2 lb) sugar
finely sliced rind and juice of 2 lemons.
1 1/2 tbsp coriander seeds, coarsely crushed (optional)

Put the tomatoes in a large pan with the sugar, lemon rind and juice, Bring slowly to the boil and simmer for 5 minutes. Skim and add the coriander seed if using.

Return the mixture to the boil, and boil, stirring frequently, for 30 minutes until 'setting point'* is reached. Remove the pan from the heat and allow the fruit to settle for a few minutes. Ladle the marmalade into hot sterilised jars, then seal.

Yield = approx. 1 1/2 kg (3lb) Shelf Life = 2 Years.
* Testing for 'Setting Point': If using Thermometer,105C or 220F, otherwise pour a little hot jam onto a cold saucer and leave it to cool for a few minutes. Push the jam with a finger, if it wrinkles it has reached setting point.

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