Pickles: Dill Pickles by jgarcia

posted by jgarcia 08-26-102 9:34 AM

Dill Pickles

1 gallon water
1 c. pickling salt
4 c. vinegar
Pinch alum
Dill weed
Garlic cloves (optional)

Wash cucumbers in several waters. Pack in sterilized jars. Pack pieces of dill around cucumbers. Add pieces of garlic, if desired.

Combine water, salt, vinegar and alum. Bring to a boil. Pour over packed cucumbers and seal.

(I have a note on the back of the recipe card that one year I used 200 medium cucumbers, 2 bunches dill, 1 gallon vinegar and this yielded 31 wide-mouth quarts of dill pickles)

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