South's Zuchini Pickles

Terrytx  posted 05-14-98 

  Preserving Food by Oxmoore House 

  South's Zucchini Pickles 

  2 lbs. small zucchini 
  2 medium onions 
  1/4 cup salt 
  1 pt. (2 cups) white vinegar 
  1 cup sugar 
  1 tsp. celery seeds 
  1 tsp. turmeric 
  1/2 tsp. dry mustard 
  1 tsp. mustard seeds 

Wash and cut unpeeled zucchini and peeled onion into very thin slices. 

Put into crock or bowl. 

Cover with water and add salt. 

Let stand for 1 hour; drain.
Mix remaining ingred. and bring to a boil. 

Pour over zucchini and onions.

Let stand for 1 hour. 

Bring mixture to a boil and cook 3 min.  

Pack in hot sterilized jars and seal. 

Process in hot water bath for 10 min. 
Yield: 3 pts 

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